PongOut Z

A mix of Pong, Break Out and Dragonball Z

This redesign of the well-known game Break Out was the final project of our first two week programming course in our studies. The task was to change an existing code of Break Out to our own personalized game. I took the challenge and decided to make the moderately entertaining game to a two player Break Out / Pong mix with a 16 Bit Dragonball Z theme.

I wanted to use the fights and conflicts of one of my favorite childhood cartoons and transfer them into a two player game. I used a 16 Bit style to make it resemble the original Break Out and used background, music and game elements from the show. The element of Pong I added to make this one on one mode clearer. The game turned out to be quite challenging and entertaining.

From a programming view, it was an easy task, but having no programming background at all, it was very difficult for our whole class. However, I definitely improved my skills and it formed a good basis for Processing, JavaScript and Arduino.