The Design Marathon at the Toni Area in Zurich

The Designathon is an event planed and realized by 14 engaged students of the Zurich University of the Arts. Our goal was to supply a creative workplace, where within 48 hours, the competitors have the chance to develop an idea or concept, present it in front of a jury and win a price in different categories.
The whole project was inspired by the already existing concept of a Hackathon, an event, addressing IT speciallists, software engineers and other programming interested people to develop a digital project. We adapted this idea to design.

Over the course of half a year, everybody engaged in building the Designathon from scratch, developing a corporate identity, getting sponsors and organize the event as such.

The Designathon 2015 took place on the weekend of the 24th to the 27th September and was a full success.
Over seventy participants from within as well as outside of the ZHdK took the opportunity to design their project to the topic of ‘New Work’ and several groups were awarded a price in the categories’Best in Designathon’, ‘Best in Social Impact’, ‘Best in Future’ and ‘Best in Fresh and Crazy’.

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