Atonicity – The Students are the Molecule

Atomicity: the total number of atoms present in one molecule of an element or a substance

The Toni is an ever changing molecule and we students assemble it.
In September 2014 the Zurich University of the Arts moved to the Toni Area.
After being scattered over the whole city all the different degree courses were now united in one place.
However, a lot of students were overcharged with the size of the Toni and the interaction was missing.
In a collaboration with Nadja Müller, we tried to form a visual connection between people walking up and down the main stairs in the Toni, forming an interaction between them.

The lines form new molecular structures with whomever uses the stairs, making visible the part everybody takes in our school.
With the help of Moritz Kemper, a docent at our school, we wrote a program in Processing. Using a camera and a projector, we transformed our main stair set into the canvas and everybody who used it into painter and color likewise. The Toni became a molecule and the students became the atoms that build it up.

This project is the result of a three weeks Color, Light and Interaction course by the Department Design at the Zurich University of the Arts.